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          The Company

          The Company

          FORCE WARE GmbH

          was founded in March 1999 by Gerhard Vallon, the president of Vallon GmbH, one of the leading manufacturers of professional mine detectors and bomb locators.

          Important customers worldwide and their demands in the security field together with the long-lasting experience of Mr. Gerhard Vallon and his staff encouraged him to found a company, which can provide highly sophisticated security equipment for different applications:


          Demining equipment
          EOD/IED equipment
          EOD - training
          Body armor
          Metal detectors
          and many others.


          From the beginning, Force Ware has successfully realised important projects in Europe, Turkey, Africa, South America and the U.S.A., e.g. with the armed forces in Germany, USA, Algeria, Chile, the Turkish Gendarma, the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, various non-government organisations, etc.

          For the equipment supplied by Force Ware, we guarantee with our experience and our close relationship to the name of Vallon that only goods of best quality and reliability will be delivered to our esteemed clients. It is our intention to provide one source for all your demands in body armour, demining and EOD / IED - handling.

          General Manager: Gerhard Vallon
          VAT-ID-no. DE812693152

          Produkt News

          New: Hook & Line Kit 1.2

          A basic kit for standard applications, upgraded with some innovative parts from hook and line kits 4/5. The lightweight kit includes a 120 m kevlar rope on a high quality metal reel and a robust cordura carrying case.

          >> more

          New: Searching Lamp LEDLENSER MH2

          Force Ware now offers high Quality LEDLENSER searching lamps for your security missions.

          >> more

          New Ballistic Shield on Trolley NIJ IV

          The level IV Ballistic Trolley Shield is a mobile high protection shield which provides multi strike protection from armour piercing rounds, and all lesser ballistic threats. The shield is flat and is constructed from alumina oxide ceramic tiles mounted on a rigid matrix aramid backing. The trolley provides a stable and highly manouverable platform capable of smooth cornering, and rough terrain movement. The included PRO LIGHT Shield Lighting System allows you to operate even in dark environment.


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